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On April 14, 2018, the Friends of Fitchburg Library sponsored a fundraising event – a casino

night complete with betting tables, great raffle prizes, a wine pull and a 50/50 cash draw.

The event was made possible in large part by the generosity of our business community in and

around Fitchburg. Some wanted to participate by co-sponsoring the event, others donated

wonderful prizes for the raffle that night. Their contributions to the Friends of Fitchburg

Library are deeply meaningful and much appreciated.

And now, the best news…… after taking into account all expenses, we were able to raise just

over $7,200. The money is ear-marked to help fund this summer’s Outreach Program in the

Leopold School area. The program began last summer, with amazing success, and will now continue to grow and thrive, allowing the library’s Outreach Coordinator, Liz Zimdars, to hire additional support staff.

Each and every one of you, as Friends of Fitchburg Library, can be proud of your on-going

support. Your Friendship makes all the difference in what we are able to do for our library and

for literacy in our community.

With Sincere Thanks,

Friends of Fitchburg Library Board of Directors

As always, your support of the Fitchburg Public Library is greatly appreciated!

Friends Of The
Fitchburg Library Inc


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